Monday, June 23, 2008

Bake for Obama!

The Obama "Hungry for Change" bake sale was on Sunday June 22. helped organize thousands of Obama supporters for bake sales across the country. The one I attended was at Echo Park, a block from my apartment. I made mini cherry cheesecakes with Obama tags. They turned out really yummy. I only had about a dozen and a half of the foil cupcake cups and a bunch of regular paper ones. I used up all of the foil cups and then put the last little bit of the cheesecake mix in a few of the paper cups and those didnt work out so well. The paper cups kinda collapsed, so I got to eat those few and they were delicious. Hey, you must try the goods your selling, right?

Friday, June 20, 2008

thoughts on turning 30!

All I know is that jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is the way to go.

After the jump we drove another hour to Kern River. It’s the shit yall! I used to camp here as a kid.
It used to be a big hippie hang out spot in the 70’s, they would ride their Harleys up the mountain and around the natural hot springs and natural water slides. My dad still rides his Chopper up there now and then.
But the best spot is Limestone. It is the uppermost camp ground on the Kern and all of the camping spots have river access.

This spot is especially special because at the north end of the camp ground there is a trail to a beach.
It is at a spot where the river bends so there is a big calm pool right at the bend with rapids above and below.
It is really one of the only safe swimming spots on the river, but it’s not even that safe to swim there when
the river is high, which it was. There is a huge rock formation that was painted with eyes to look like an alligator, it’s the alligator rock! My mom says the paint has been there since she can remember, way before I was born, she started going camping up there when she was a teenager.
I have been there at times when there has been a rope across that you could hold on to and swim or raft over to the other side.
We wanted to do that but we could see the strong undercurrent from the shore and decided to just put our feet in and splash around.

I did a few camping crafts that I can post later.

My sister is a little baker these days and she made me the cutest garden cupcakes in a special shape for the occasion.

echo park spring 2008

Happy fathers day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1) Art on Sunset

2) Fishes and Fruits

3) Arclight Cinerama Dome Entrance

4) My Puppy Skirt

5) Favorite Quilt Section

6) Freeway Mural – Astronaut and Giant Hand remain untouched by Graffiti

7) Dresses