Friday, May 23, 2008

rain, tornados, moons, and stars

Well, LA has had some "unstable" weather this past week and a half or so. Last monday it rained, then steadily the temp rose to over 100 degrees until about tuesday, then we had tornado -ish winds on wendsday, a down pour of rain on thursday flooding and really screwing up traffic and some tornado winds near riverside, wierd strange (earthquake) weather.
I dont know how to get dressed in the morning anymore, do I wear sandals and shorts for 95 degrees or do I wear a rain coat and sweater for the cold and rain?
It is really unfortunate we have this storm hovering above because tonite the space station will be visable in the night sky. If the clouds would clear, or if your in an area where there is no cloud cover and you looked up into the sky at about 8:19pm and you can seen the space statio move across the sky for approx. 5 minutes. You can see it by the light of the moon. Its a solid light, not blinking, and it looks like a huge shooting star going over.

66max elevation
10above SW approach
12above NE departure

Check here to find exact coordinates for your area.

I may need to take a drive tonite.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I love this tea set I saw in front of a boutique on Robertson. It made me think macaroons and Marie Antoinette.

Monday, May 12, 2008

OK, So I cant take it anymore, Its time to get political on this blog.
I have tried to restrain myself and keep this art and craft related with a few slips here and there, but this really urked me!
I was watching some talk show this weekend(maybe Chelsea Lately) and Shia Labeouf was on saying he got arrested in Burbank for smoking. WHAT?!? Well, he wasnt actually arrested like he said on the show but he did get cited. Apparently, this law went into effect may 12, 2007. I must have juked the cops on my last IKEA visit.
I ran across an article while researching on the subject that I really agreed with. It said...
"Women are already being forced to nurse their children out of public view because this natural and necessary event is repugnant to some. Women are being pulled off of airplanes because somebody considered their dress inapropriate. Recent articles speculate that being fat is contagious. Will we next say that no fat people are allowed within 5 ft of outdoor gathering places and event areas? Maybe bulimia is also contagious. Will thin people be next on the banned list? "No! That's ridiculous," you say. That's precisely what smokers were saying twenty years ago, and that is why I now see things differently. Now, I realize that the loss of one person's rights ultimately means the loss of rights for us all."

OK, cars and burning fossil fuels are a greater harm to people and the environment but they are not banned, there is no ban on sodium laureth sulfate which is in most shampoos and contains dioxane a known human carcinogen, there is no ban on hydrogenated trans-fat yet in large amounts are known to lead to obesity. The point is its YOUR CHOICE! Everyone makes their own daily decisions. These are called CIVIL LIBERTIES!
I could go on and on. I think the point is made.
That article again... "American society seems bent on taking political correctness to outrageous lengths. Soon there will be no segment of society except rich white male nonsmokers allowed in public places. There will always be some reason identified to ban another group."

So from this point on, I say...

FUCK YOU, Burbank

You have made it very clear that you do not want my business. From now on I will drive to the IKEA in Carson or Covina and I will instead drive to Eagle Rock to shop at Target. I will never visit your homogenized chain restraunts and mall.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Audrey for no 5

One of my favorite actresses is going to be the new face of Chanel no 5 ad campaigns replacing Nicole Kidman. Rumor is that “Amélie” director Jean-Pierre Jeunet will reunite with Tautou for the spot.

I just love this parisian beauty, isnt she the prettiest little thing...

She will also be in a new French film starring as fashion visionary Coco Chanel (in production).

See her films:
Hors de Prix (Priceless)
Venus Beauty Institute
God Is Great, I'm Not
The Spanish Apartment
Dirty Pretty Things
A Very Long Engagement
The Da Vinci Code
Also see director Jean-Pierre Jeunet films:
La Cité des enfants perdus (City of lost childern)
Foutaises(Things I like, Things I dont like)
Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A very long engagement)