Thursday, July 19, 2007


It was packed. Everyone had their huge stack to try on. Lots of pretties, silks, fog foil linen, some printed cottons. I really liked the hand dyed swirl stuff.
Lots of fun, it was my first time. wink.

new seats

We found a really nice wooden table and six chairs really cheap. The wood is in really good condition and only needed a little wood oil but the seats of the chairs were yucky.
My mom, sister and me re-upholstered them.

First we had to remove all of the old fabric and foam from all of the chairs.

Then I cut new foam with an electric knife (think thanksgiving) to fit the size of the chair base.
Next we took big pieces of the new pretty fabric and sandwiched the foam between the new fabric and the wooden chair bases. We had a two person operation stretching the fabric and stapling it to the base.
Last was just trimming the excess fabric from the bottom and re-attaching the seats to all of the chairs.
Voila, new chairs.

New Loot

I went out and bought a bunch of plastic food for still life paintings. I am only missing plastic cheese. It is not easy to find oddly enough.
So far Im working on one set up with a plate of grapes, wine bottle and small vase. This will be my first painting in about 5 years not counting the 6 foot one I did for my grandparents a couple years ago. Painting, fortunately, is something you never forget how to do.