Friday, April 29, 2011

my so called life

back in the 90s i used to watch this show all the time.
Ahh, Jordan Catalano aka jared leto. What a hottie.

I used to wear the same shit, huge baggy pants, plaid flanels, docs.
the sundance channel played the first episode the other night, i forgot how good this show was.

Angela: "It just seems like, you agree to have a certain personality
or something. For no reason. Just to make things easier for
everyone. But when you think about it, I mean, how do you know
it's even you? [bunch of guys noisily run down the hall]
And, I mean, this whole thing with yearbook -- it's like,
everybody's in this big hurry to make this book, to supposedly
remember what happened but it's not even what really happened,
it's what everyone thinks was supposed to happen. Because if
you made a book of what really happened, it'd be a really
upsetting book. You know, in my humble opinion."

Life is so hard, Jordan why are you so hot?

Damn, I would be upset too!