Monday, May 21, 2007

Moo Cows

I woke up on Sunday morning with no plans to a call from my sister. All I heard still half asleep was cows and 11 am and something about Chino. I was up and it all came together, got my doggie KC and was off. We went to a dairy farm somewhere in Chino aka cow country (Luckily its not too smelly this time of year). My dog KC got to run around the farm off leash with all the cows. He got some kisses from the babies and was just a little afraid of them.
These babies were only 2 weeks old. It seems sad that they are separated from their mothers so young but they are so small compared to the heifers that if left in the same corral they would get trampled.

I was prepared to be disgusted by the way they kept the cows in tiny pins and angry at the horrible living conditions they were forced to dwell in, but this farm was so clean and so big, for each set of about 150 cows there was a huge trough at the front(where most of them were chillin) and a huge dirt area behind them that was pretty much empty when they were all eating. They had plenty of room to roam. Its where the happy cows live. They had about 600 cows total on that farm. KC was really tired (and probably sore) and slept good last nite.


...the new line by Sarah Jessica Parker was featured in the June Glamour magazine.

So cute and So cheap!

It will be featured at Steve and Barry's begenning in June.

Will do an update on what I get then.

Love Kate Moss

...and her new line for Topshop. I saw this a while ago but didnt have time to write a blog about it till now...

Anticon Art Show

....Was on Saturday the 12th at Unitard in Downtown. Anticon is a collectivly owned record label of D.I.Y. musicians and artists. Here is the flier...
Upon entering i was delighted to see so many familiar faces...Doseone, Why?, Bomar Monk, Passage, Pedestrian, Jel, and many more.
Here is some of the featured artist's work...

My favorite was a group of Garfield pencil drawings by Dose. These were really funny and I love them cuz I used to collect Garfield as a kid - Comics, books, plush toys. I definately owe my dry sarcastic humor to that cat. Also the 2 paintings above...

Live performances began with Doseone aka Adam Drucker reading poetry. He did this one poem about losing his fiance, which he did preface as being a "little heavy", and by the end i had a little tear in my eye but thats OK (for those of us who know exactly what thats like). He has a great poetry book that I recommend. I picked up this tiny little zine which turned out to be amazing.

Then the Pedestrian aka James Brandon Best did a slide show set to music. The story goes that he found this bunch of slides in the street in Oakland about 6 years ago. The slides are of a young boy and his mother circa 1960.

This really spoke to me. I especially liked how there were a few slides that were double exposed and he would focus one part of the slide and then (on beat) he would alter the focus to the other image in the slide. Mezmerizing if you have a love for the simple things. I loved this.
Next i guess batrays played(I didnt stay). It seemed like alot of people came for that only because they were yapping all thru dose's poetry set. He had to shut them up to continue. Hullo? How rude is that?

Im so glad they did another show in LA after the SF show a few months ago.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Joan's Cupcakes

For Mother's Day I ran down to Joan's on Third for some cuppie cakes.

I ended up getting Vanilla with Rasberry filling, Chocolate coconut, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Chocolate which had chocolate sprinkles. Yummy! I especially loved the peanut butter one. It was thick and delicious. My Mama liked the pink one best.

Joan's On Third
8350 W 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Friday, May 11, 2007

My first Quilt

A co-worker asked me to make some cushions with her 5 year old daughter's drawings in the centers. They were really cute and now I have made a quilt.
We have a brilliant $200,000 printer that prints from CAD to fabric. First we printed off 12 of the kids drawings. All the kids in her class did a self portrait.

I cut the drawings out first and then cut a million strips of multi colored fabric from our fabric warehouse. That took a loooooong time.

I arranged the colored strips to match each drawing. Then I took the drawings I cut into squares and began sewing the strips around the square. Once the first square was done I changed the fabric and did another square. I did this until each drawing was bordered with 3 squares in different colors.

Then I sewed all 12 of the squares together and began pinning the whole thing to the batting. I used cotton batting instead of the poly fill. I didnt have time to hand quilt the whole thing so I just machine quilted one square at a time to get it to lay flat (although the seersuckers werent helping matters) until they were all attached to the batting.

Then the easy part. Pinned the back fabric, a cute red and white pin dot, to the batting and sewing the border.

I had alot of fun with my first quilt, I didnt use any patterns, look at any quilting books, etc. I just freeballed it and I think it turned out quite nice.

The kids really liked seeing all of their drawings made into a quilt. It is now going to auction. Ooh, i wonder how much it will go for?