Friday, August 15, 2008

Natalie Portman on SNL

This is my absolute favorite SNL episode. Its not new but they re-play it all the time on Comedy Central and I HAVE to watch the whole episode when it comes on.

I love the Jamba Juice sketch, its funny as hell. And ofcourse the Natalie Portman Rap...

"When I was in Harvard

I smoked weed every day

I cheated every test

and snorted all the yay"

But for me the best part of that episode is The Art Dealers.

Nunni brings Jeff home to meet her parents. Jeff is worried that her parents won’t like him, but Nunni assures him that they like all her boyfriends.
Nunni’s mother, Nuni, and her father, Noony, emerge into the living room after eating raw bacon and point to a pile of hair for Jeff to sit on, the guerilla chair. The parents butcher the boyfriends name: Gerf, Guarf, Jerfa. And after some small talk, Tato comes out with some treats for everyone: melted ice cream blown into their mouths from a tube in flavors such as beets and capers, and banana and clam.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Check out this new interview with Sole

Times a changing [2008-08-01]

Sole is one of the most outspoken and political/social aware of the anticon collective & his most recent release with The Skyrider band has seen him using more conventional song structure with an array of real instrumentation along with non rap and harmony based vocals, which all makes for an highly original and creative listening experience, that’s certainly one of the top ten records by the Anticon collective/ label thus far. Sole kindly agreed to give me an interview via email.

m[m]Last time I interviewed you in 2005 you were still in Spain- are you still there or have you now returned to the sates?

Sole While I was gone the states had turned into a third world country. the decline of America was happening while I was gone, but after new Orleans its been on display to the world and is accelerating with each new crisis. now people are being forced to choose between milk & gas. The economy is as fucked up in America as they make it sound on TV, and normal people's lives are getting harder and harder.

m[m]What are you working on at present or what are your near future plans?
Sole I am working on an audio book with a guy called Doug valentine comparing the counterinsurgency efforts(operation phoenix) of Vietnam with Iraq, its really fun and fascinating, but that’s as far as my non musical meanderings go right now. It’s a 5 disc series where i’m editing together all these old recordings from the CIA station chiefs and stuff. Its really fascinating cuz I didn’t know shit about Vietnam when I started the project. my wife and I are narrating it. It’s called "CIA SPEAKS." This was probably the best thing to come out of POLY.SCI.187; those guys heard that record and wanted me to produce an audio book.


Ahhh! I cant wait!
Im really excited about the audio book.