Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soldier Poet

Since its veterans day, and i didn't get the day off, i was listening to NPR on the way home and heard Brian Turner reading his poems on the radio. I'm not very patriotic per se but i am a realist and this shit is real, almost surreal. I liked the one about the soldier in Lowe's seeing everything around him mimicking the imagery of war. I liked it because it is showing how humans do not just snap out of it once they leave or escape the trauma but rather carry it with them evermore and how that is true of negative aspects of life's experiences in general. I like what he is writing about now, about the value of human life en masse, on this planet as a whole, not just being the "good guys" and killing the "enemy".

The one from tonight isn't up yet.
ill try to find it later.