Friday, December 28, 2007

Ive been busy

I did a little christmas craft fair on december 10th. I was busy busy. I worked every night after work to get enough done for the fair. It was tough.

I made art aprons, bright florals and poka dots for girls and gingham and cowboys for boys. And I made Zip and Button Snake learning toys. They have zipper mouths and a different closure for each body section to help little ones learn how to tie, button, snap, etc and improve their motor skills while they play. I sold quite a few of these. See more here in my new shop, Priziest Pony, which I made just to sell the extra items that didnt sell at the fair.

Finally time to relax. In my first stocking I got a load of yummy candy, a new ipod car charger, and my favorite - GARFIELD!

Look at how cute these chocolates from my sister are! I love the little skully at the bottom and the mad tea party.

I had to indulge, and maybe create a few cavities, with old fashioned hard candy. These used to be around alot at xmas when I was little. I was missing the beautiful ribbon goodness.

I have to say..

Im sooo glad it over!

Ornament Swap

I joined the flickr Holiday Ornament Swap 2007 this year.

I made Moose ornaments!

I found this little 3 foot pink foil tree, it look really cheezy and cute so I brought it home and decided that it would be my litte handmade ornament tree. Nothing but handmade, and everyday when I get a new ornament in the mail I added it to my little tree.

This Guadalupe Sea shell ornament is one of my favorites, made by Tandy Sibley.

The little blue and White felt stocking is made by Patty Long at mommiesbee.etsy and the green felt tree is made by Norrie Gall.

This felt crown patch with a button is so cute and made byElizabeth Moon at moontimes and the laminated paper tree is made by Joan De Lurio at Anthropomorphco.

They were all really cute and I loved getting a new one in the mail everyday for 2 weeks! I will definately do it again next year and hopefully have lots more ideas for cute ornaments.


I really love the Lego store. I just could resist getting my nephew a tub of Legos from the big Lego wall even tho I already got him a bunch of toys...
Whats a few more when your 4. Right?

Handpicked gifts are the best even when its more fun for me.
Plus this kid plays with MY legos from when I was a kid, its time he has his own.

Hollywood at xmas time

So my younger step brothers were here in LA for a while from Wisconsin. They wanted to see a bit of Hollywood so we went on a little walk from Arclight Hollywood on Sunset and Cahuenga to Hollywood and Highland. Even tho I live here I rarley go down to hollywood and just walk around. Its pretty in the winter...

The old walk of fame. Yes, its the Queen. U.N.I.T.Y!
The guys were looking in all the shops for Coogi gear and found out why peeps say LA is so expensive! Especially compared to Winconsin. Imagine!
We saw Will Smith's brand spankin new square in the sidewalk at Mann's Chinese. He wrote "Change the World".

This wierd little guy. We put in a quarter and he asked my little nephew to ask a question. My nephew asked "What do you Love"?, and the wierd man said a bunch a garbleygook and then said "The color green, a dog named Boo, and the number 8". I guess he got his answer - Funny, creepy, but funny.

This is the best mural only because of R2D2 in the back there.

It was cool cuz I never get a chance to show people around, everyone i know either lives here or has lived here at some point. I really miss those guys. Come back to LA soon!

The Echo Park Holiday Parade

The parade travels down Sunset Blvd through Echo Park. It was really good and cute, Although I have to say that I think last years was a little better.

KC really enjoyed it...

Or so it seems, he was looking and drooling at the bacon wrapped hot dogs below us the entire time.

The fire engine at the end of the parade did spray water this year but they didnt bring out the big truck with the 200 foot ladder. Last year the ladder went up above the roof of my building and I was having vertigo standing on the balcony because of it (in a good way). Next year more cow bell. wink.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

100 year old photos

I came across this great photo blog that i am absolutley loving. I have only gone through about the first 30 pages, I could spend hours....

This is a Riveter at work on a bomber at the Consolidated Aircraft factory in Fort Worth. October 1942.

Christmas tree at a New York lodging house in 1914.
Makes this Christmas look pretty good!

Christmas in the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem circa 1940. I just love this photo.

Check it out and possibly get lost for hours in The 100 Year Old Photo Blog.

Friday, November 2, 2007

killer bush

I love this killer bush. I printed him, cut him out and slapped him together thx to Recortables.

vintage goodies

I found so many lovely things for sooo cheap! An embroidered butterfly picture, matching strawberry dishtowels, a diamond necklace and bracelet(not real but just as sparkly - no blood diamonds), a complete set of turquoise containers-flour, sugar, coffee, tea, and a nice big ball of embroidery yarn-I looked everywhere for this kind of yarn a few weeks ago and I was getting really frustrated with joaanes, michaels, and michael lavine-no luck until I found this vintage little left over bundle. I will be working on some embroidery designs very soon.

Friday, October 26, 2007

introducing Sole and the Skyrider band

I have been following Sole since I was in my early twenties and now we are getting into our 30s. Scary. He has a new song that says "you cant be 30 and still making hip hop". He is a founding member of Anticon and has now merged with skyrider to form Sole and the Skyrider band.
Their first official show last nite was great! (However there was that bizaar Palm Springs show)
Telephone Jim Jesus was flippin awsome.Then Sole and Skyrider tore it up.
The band consists of 4 members:
Front man/lead vocals/dope raps - Sole aka Tim Holland
drums - John Wagner
mpc/electronic drums/guitar/recorder piano/sickle- Bud Berning
guitar/upright bass/voilin/keyboard/anything and everything- William Ryan Fritch
Tim chipped his tooth during one of the first songs. Im tellin ya, its that intense.I love it when Bud plays the sickle.