Thursday, January 17, 2013

Read THIS and you will understand what we are going thru.

My 15 year old KC has had a trying year.
This all started around Easter last year, April.
He developed what I thought was an ear infection. It started with him scraching and flipping his right ear. Gradually over the next day he slowly developed a head tilt until the following day it RAPIDLY turned into a complete head tilt at a right angle even when standing. I took him to the vet right away, seriously he probably wouldnt have made it another two days. He was put on antibiotics immediately with an injected starter dose. It was either a severy interear infection or vestibular disease. I was told to watch him for the next 2 weeks while on the antibiotics and he will probably slowly come out of the head tilt.  Good news is he did. It took about a week and a half for him to be pretty much back to normal. I was with my family over Easter, thinking this might be the end for my little Booboo. But he made a great recovery, I thought I had dodged a bullet on that one.
He was fine, back to normal (arthritis and hip dysplasia) until September. I went thru a very sad family loss. I was very upset and distraught during that time. About 2 weeks later we notice some very unusual behavior out of nowhere. There was slime in a puddle on the floor and about 2 feet away was a pile of poo. KC NEVER poos in the house, NEVER! So it was a huge red flag. We watched him for the next 2 days closley until at 5am I was awoken and told that KC had just had a seisure. WHAT?!?! This is where our nighmare began.