Friday, October 26, 2007

introducing Sole and the Skyrider band

I have been following Sole since I was in my early twenties and now we are getting into our 30s. Scary. He has a new song that says "you cant be 30 and still making hip hop". He is a founding member of Anticon and has now merged with skyrider to form Sole and the Skyrider band.
Their first official show last nite was great! (However there was that bizaar Palm Springs show)
Telephone Jim Jesus was flippin awsome.Then Sole and Skyrider tore it up.
The band consists of 4 members:
Front man/lead vocals/dope raps - Sole aka Tim Holland
drums - John Wagner
mpc/electronic drums/guitar/recorder piano/sickle- Bud Berning
guitar/upright bass/voilin/keyboard/anything and everything- William Ryan Fritch
Tim chipped his tooth during one of the first songs. Im tellin ya, its that intense.I love it when Bud plays the sickle.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I made this little monster out of some funky purple poodle scrap fabric I got from work and i bought his awsome button on etsy in this shop.

practice paintings

I bought a bunch of faux fruits and bread a while ago so I could do some practice still lifes.
I fell out of practice for a few years, I quit painting. Here are a few recent pieces that I've done using my new loot. The grapes in the first one and the lemon in the second one are some of the fake fruit i bought and my mom got me the cute little tea pot.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I love these melamine plates by Jane Jenni. I first saw them in the retail store inside of the Arclight Hollywood. Im loving the colors and simplicity. Im going to have to pick up at least these 2, my personal favorites.

Friday, October 19, 2007

the pointy poka dot kitty

I found this pattern here and made a poka dot version for the long awaited arrival of a friends adopted little girl from Russia. She is 2 so I thought it would be the perfect gift.

I would have liked to do little buttons for the eyes and some yarn hair sprigs possibly, but I kept it really simple and baby friendly using only cotton poplin and felt. I had to keep in mind as I made it that kids like to chew on everything.
See more here.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Wing Tips!

Yeay, I love wing tips.
This is a small section of a trend board I did for work. The board is "Menswear" i.e. Annie Hall, Cathrine Hepburn and there's alot of it this year.

Here is a closer look at all the Wing Tips and Saddle Shoes. I need to pull all of mine out of storage.

LA County Fair

I havent been in years so I made it a priority this time.
Also it has changed since I was younger. I used to live in the little town next to where the fair is and I would go all the time. We used to display our artwork from my high school art class in the main building underneath the race track. When I was in there I didnt see any artwork like back in the day. I did see alot of quilts and pottery which were nice.
Btw, I have now realized that i might be a little too old to get the wristband for unlimited carnival rides. I was too scared for this one crazy ride but I went on anyway and thought I was going to die! I am usually the one dragging everyone else on the scariest rides. I did go on the zipper twice. I should have gone once more. I was sore for a few days.

I always spend alot of time in the animal area.
I also saw my new favorite animal, Capybara!
This little guy is so rad.

They fry everything at the fair. Even coke.