Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bitten SJP

I finally got my hands on some of the new line by Sarah Jessica Parker.
I hit up Steve and Barry's Beverly Connection shop.

Unfortunately most of the things I liked were out of my size. I really wanted the grey camo cargos but I didnt see any. I picked up some solid grey cargo pants, a pair of olive green cargo capris, and the grey hoodie which is thick and yummy. Im also rockin a little t-shirt with a flocked pink birdie on the front. And a pair of the short skinny jeans which cut off above the ancle, I found my size! Yep, pushin 30 in size fours aint so bad. I dont like the long skinny jeans, they get all bunched up at the bottom and make your feet look huge. Plus the accentuate the hips way too much. I really dont think these are flattering at all on any body type. The little knee legnth sweat pants were out in my size and I didnt see the little black vest at all.
Surprisingly these garnments are made really well, lots of stitching, and all under $20. Actually I got all of the things I listed above for less than $70!

Baby Bird

There was a little birdie on the ground in the corner of my favorite smoke spot at work today. He died somehow and ended up there. This makes me most sad. I love birds alot. It reminds me of this time a few years ago when I was finishing college. Me and my sister were eating pizza outside at a place across the street from my school in Long Beach. Some asshole drove his big ass car through the parking lot so fast the the pigeons didnt have time to fly away and he hit one. It fluttered over to the sidewalk where we were eating and died. I screamed at the car but he was oblivious. People started to gather around this little bird and were going to pick it up and throw it in the trash! WTF? So i grabbed some napkins and picked up the birdie and we left. We took this little birdie all the was up to Griffith Observatory (before the renovation) and hiked out to a nice little spot with a view of the whole city. With the only digging utensils I had in the car at the time (a coffee cup and chopsticks) we burried him up there and placed a rock over his grave. I think he is happier up there than in the trash.