Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bitten SJP

I finally got my hands on some of the new line by Sarah Jessica Parker.
I hit up Steve and Barry's Beverly Connection shop.

Unfortunately most of the things I liked were out of my size. I really wanted the grey camo cargos but I didnt see any. I picked up some solid grey cargo pants, a pair of olive green cargo capris, and the grey hoodie which is thick and yummy. Im also rockin a little t-shirt with a flocked pink birdie on the front. And a pair of the short skinny jeans which cut off above the ancle, I found my size! Yep, pushin 30 in size fours aint so bad. I dont like the long skinny jeans, they get all bunched up at the bottom and make your feet look huge. Plus the accentuate the hips way too much. I really dont think these are flattering at all on any body type. The little knee legnth sweat pants were out in my size and I didnt see the little black vest at all.
Surprisingly these garnments are made really well, lots of stitching, and all under $20. Actually I got all of the things I listed above for less than $70!

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