Friday, October 5, 2007

LA County Fair

I havent been in years so I made it a priority this time.
Also it has changed since I was younger. I used to live in the little town next to where the fair is and I would go all the time. We used to display our artwork from my high school art class in the main building underneath the race track. When I was in there I didnt see any artwork like back in the day. I did see alot of quilts and pottery which were nice.
Btw, I have now realized that i might be a little too old to get the wristband for unlimited carnival rides. I was too scared for this one crazy ride but I went on anyway and thought I was going to die! I am usually the one dragging everyone else on the scariest rides. I did go on the zipper twice. I should have gone once more. I was sore for a few days.

I always spend alot of time in the animal area.
I also saw my new favorite animal, Capybara!
This little guy is so rad.

They fry everything at the fair. Even coke.

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