Friday, August 15, 2008

Natalie Portman on SNL

This is my absolute favorite SNL episode. Its not new but they re-play it all the time on Comedy Central and I HAVE to watch the whole episode when it comes on.

I love the Jamba Juice sketch, its funny as hell. And ofcourse the Natalie Portman Rap...

"When I was in Harvard

I smoked weed every day

I cheated every test

and snorted all the yay"

But for me the best part of that episode is The Art Dealers.

Nunni brings Jeff home to meet her parents. Jeff is worried that her parents won’t like him, but Nunni assures him that they like all her boyfriends.
Nunni’s mother, Nuni, and her father, Noony, emerge into the living room after eating raw bacon and point to a pile of hair for Jeff to sit on, the guerilla chair. The parents butcher the boyfriends name: Gerf, Guarf, Jerfa. And after some small talk, Tato comes out with some treats for everyone: melted ice cream blown into their mouths from a tube in flavors such as beets and capers, and banana and clam.

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Mark said...

I absolutely loved this skit when I saw it. I was just looking to see if I could find a video somewhere.