Monday, March 14, 2011

Go International at Target

So I learned my lesson from my previous Target designer launch and went early so i wouldn't miss out. OK, I showed up before the store even opened and waited outside for about 10 minutes. There were surprisingly few people (or psychos like me) lining up outside. I grabbed all the the dresses that i had cyber-stalked and scurried into the dressing room. I was so disappointed that the pale pink Rodarte dress that was my #1 pick looked like complete shit on me. Great on the hanger, crap on me. It totally washed me out and hung all wrong. Oh well. I got the Thakoon one that is incredible and i grabbed the pink and orange Tracy Evans number.
Overall satisfied.
But the end of my shopping adventure there were bunches of girls in the dressing room and we were all comparing fit and style, you know..."This one looks like shit on me but looks great on you, etc etc. What fun.

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