Thursday, February 28, 2013

i heart sloths


I have this little ornament thingie given to me by my bf around x-mas time and i hung it on my little charlie brown tree because i love sloths so dearly. I was talking about how i want to go to Costa Rica so bad just to play with sloths and have them hang allover me.
It began in high school art class where we would spend some time looking thru old National Geographics for some "inspiration" ... or just to be lazy teenagers ... and i came to a page filled to the brim with the cutest face i had ever seen. a sloth. that was it, i was in love for life.
So I guess this little guy hanging on my tree will be in a new movie called the Croods. Its really about some cavemen but i think the best thing about this movie is a sloth named Belt.

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