Friday, December 28, 2007

The Echo Park Holiday Parade

The parade travels down Sunset Blvd through Echo Park. It was really good and cute, Although I have to say that I think last years was a little better.

KC really enjoyed it...

Or so it seems, he was looking and drooling at the bacon wrapped hot dogs below us the entire time.

The fire engine at the end of the parade did spray water this year but they didnt bring out the big truck with the 200 foot ladder. Last year the ladder went up above the roof of my building and I was having vertigo standing on the balcony because of it (in a good way). Next year more cow bell. wink.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the 2006 parade was so much better, there was a lot of behind the parade committee B.S going on, people being told they could not volunteer by Cindy Ortiz and Margarita Fernandez, jokes made about poor Ex. Mrs.Villariagosa the mayor wife, the language being used in front of children! Since I was the one who lit the fire to get this parade back on track, I was so disappointed at the behavior of self appointed chairs Ortiz/Fernandez. Anyone who can make me cry deserves not to be my friend or associate. So with that said the Echo Park Holiday Parade name was DBA(ed) so that we can start a business and keep what we started " A parade that belongs to the community, Home made is better than store bought", with no name calling or slurs to anyone. In 2008 Ortiz and Fernandez along with Robert Ayayo of El Centro Del Pueblo also took out a DBA for the Echo Park Community Parade, so I don't understand why they choose to use my DBA name and not the new one. I give no one permission to use the name of Echo Park Holiday Parade or any other name I might have DBA. We are still working on our paper work and filing we are not sure if we will go non-profit yet. Health issues caught up with me and we will not be organizing a parade in 2008 for Christmas, there will be other events we will be focusing on and we hope you like the show once we make our come back.
Luiza Padilla-Mavropoulos
Echo Park Holiday Parade
Echo Park Youth Empowerment
Event Organizer