Friday, December 28, 2007

Hollywood at xmas time

So my younger step brothers were here in LA for a while from Wisconsin. They wanted to see a bit of Hollywood so we went on a little walk from Arclight Hollywood on Sunset and Cahuenga to Hollywood and Highland. Even tho I live here I rarley go down to hollywood and just walk around. Its pretty in the winter...

The old walk of fame. Yes, its the Queen. U.N.I.T.Y!
The guys were looking in all the shops for Coogi gear and found out why peeps say LA is so expensive! Especially compared to Winconsin. Imagine!
We saw Will Smith's brand spankin new square in the sidewalk at Mann's Chinese. He wrote "Change the World".

This wierd little guy. We put in a quarter and he asked my little nephew to ask a question. My nephew asked "What do you Love"?, and the wierd man said a bunch a garbleygook and then said "The color green, a dog named Boo, and the number 8". I guess he got his answer - Funny, creepy, but funny.

This is the best mural only because of R2D2 in the back there.

It was cool cuz I never get a chance to show people around, everyone i know either lives here or has lived here at some point. I really miss those guys. Come back to LA soon!

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