Monday, May 21, 2007

Anticon Art Show

....Was on Saturday the 12th at Unitard in Downtown. Anticon is a collectivly owned record label of D.I.Y. musicians and artists. Here is the flier...
Upon entering i was delighted to see so many familiar faces...Doseone, Why?, Bomar Monk, Passage, Pedestrian, Jel, and many more.
Here is some of the featured artist's work...

My favorite was a group of Garfield pencil drawings by Dose. These were really funny and I love them cuz I used to collect Garfield as a kid - Comics, books, plush toys. I definately owe my dry sarcastic humor to that cat. Also the 2 paintings above...

Live performances began with Doseone aka Adam Drucker reading poetry. He did this one poem about losing his fiance, which he did preface as being a "little heavy", and by the end i had a little tear in my eye but thats OK (for those of us who know exactly what thats like). He has a great poetry book that I recommend. I picked up this tiny little zine which turned out to be amazing.

Then the Pedestrian aka James Brandon Best did a slide show set to music. The story goes that he found this bunch of slides in the street in Oakland about 6 years ago. The slides are of a young boy and his mother circa 1960.

This really spoke to me. I especially liked how there were a few slides that were double exposed and he would focus one part of the slide and then (on beat) he would alter the focus to the other image in the slide. Mezmerizing if you have a love for the simple things. I loved this.
Next i guess batrays played(I didnt stay). It seemed like alot of people came for that only because they were yapping all thru dose's poetry set. He had to shut them up to continue. Hullo? How rude is that?

Im so glad they did another show in LA after the SF show a few months ago.

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