Monday, May 21, 2007

Moo Cows

I woke up on Sunday morning with no plans to a call from my sister. All I heard still half asleep was cows and 11 am and something about Chino. I was up and it all came together, got my doggie KC and was off. We went to a dairy farm somewhere in Chino aka cow country (Luckily its not too smelly this time of year). My dog KC got to run around the farm off leash with all the cows. He got some kisses from the babies and was just a little afraid of them.
These babies were only 2 weeks old. It seems sad that they are separated from their mothers so young but they are so small compared to the heifers that if left in the same corral they would get trampled.

I was prepared to be disgusted by the way they kept the cows in tiny pins and angry at the horrible living conditions they were forced to dwell in, but this farm was so clean and so big, for each set of about 150 cows there was a huge trough at the front(where most of them were chillin) and a huge dirt area behind them that was pretty much empty when they were all eating. They had plenty of room to roam. Its where the happy cows live. They had about 600 cows total on that farm. KC was really tired (and probably sore) and slept good last nite.

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