Friday, May 11, 2007

My first Quilt

A co-worker asked me to make some cushions with her 5 year old daughter's drawings in the centers. They were really cute and now I have made a quilt.
We have a brilliant $200,000 printer that prints from CAD to fabric. First we printed off 12 of the kids drawings. All the kids in her class did a self portrait.

I cut the drawings out first and then cut a million strips of multi colored fabric from our fabric warehouse. That took a loooooong time.

I arranged the colored strips to match each drawing. Then I took the drawings I cut into squares and began sewing the strips around the square. Once the first square was done I changed the fabric and did another square. I did this until each drawing was bordered with 3 squares in different colors.

Then I sewed all 12 of the squares together and began pinning the whole thing to the batting. I used cotton batting instead of the poly fill. I didnt have time to hand quilt the whole thing so I just machine quilted one square at a time to get it to lay flat (although the seersuckers werent helping matters) until they were all attached to the batting.

Then the easy part. Pinned the back fabric, a cute red and white pin dot, to the batting and sewing the border.

I had alot of fun with my first quilt, I didnt use any patterns, look at any quilting books, etc. I just freeballed it and I think it turned out quite nice.

The kids really liked seeing all of their drawings made into a quilt. It is now going to auction. Ooh, i wonder how much it will go for?

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