Friday, May 23, 2008

rain, tornados, moons, and stars

Well, LA has had some "unstable" weather this past week and a half or so. Last monday it rained, then steadily the temp rose to over 100 degrees until about tuesday, then we had tornado -ish winds on wendsday, a down pour of rain on thursday flooding and really screwing up traffic and some tornado winds near riverside, wierd strange (earthquake) weather.
I dont know how to get dressed in the morning anymore, do I wear sandals and shorts for 95 degrees or do I wear a rain coat and sweater for the cold and rain?
It is really unfortunate we have this storm hovering above because tonite the space station will be visable in the night sky. If the clouds would clear, or if your in an area where there is no cloud cover and you looked up into the sky at about 8:19pm and you can seen the space statio move across the sky for approx. 5 minutes. You can see it by the light of the moon. Its a solid light, not blinking, and it looks like a huge shooting star going over.

66max elevation
10above SW approach
12above NE departure

Check here to find exact coordinates for your area.

I may need to take a drive tonite.

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