Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Audrey for no 5

One of my favorite actresses is going to be the new face of Chanel no 5 ad campaigns replacing Nicole Kidman. Rumor is that “Amélie” director Jean-Pierre Jeunet will reunite with Tautou for the spot.

I just love this parisian beauty, isnt she the prettiest little thing...

She will also be in a new French film starring as fashion visionary Coco Chanel (in production).

See her films:
Hors de Prix (Priceless)
Venus Beauty Institute
God Is Great, I'm Not
The Spanish Apartment
Dirty Pretty Things
A Very Long Engagement
The Da Vinci Code
Also see director Jean-Pierre Jeunet films:
La Cité des enfants perdus (City of lost childern)
Foutaises(Things I like, Things I dont like)
Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A very long engagement)

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