Monday, March 8, 2010

The Cove

Oscar winner for best documentary. This film was very difficult to watch. It is the kind of thing i would usually have to turn off (like anything on polar bears) to avoid intense heart break and total sadness, but I needed to watch this to know. We all need to know and that is why I am so glad it won. See this film! Think! Feel it! Learn more! DO SOMETHING! Pledge NOT to go see Dolphin and Whale shows!

Dolphins and other small marine mammals are not protected by the ban on commercial whaling — but, as we shall see, the methods used are so nonchalantly brutal and gut-churningly primitive that Taiji officials are understandably publicity-shy. (And, we learn later, there are other secrets lurking beneath the town’s thriving tourist industry and cute, dolphin-shape pleasure boats.) Consequently, anyone straying too close to the kill zone — a secluded lagoon protected by steep cliffs, manned tunnels and razor-wire gates — is violently harassed by videocam-wielding fishermen hoping to record an imprisonable offense.

^Richard O’Barry, Flipper's trainer turned Dolphin activist

His drooping eyes and sagging shoulders testify to the bone-deep exhaustion of someone who has spent the last 35 years atoning, and when he gate-crashes a meeting of the International Whaling Commission, the video screen strapped to his chest is like a physical manifestation of decades of guilt.

You know there is a similar slaughter in Denmark's Faroe Islands as well as some sick sort of male right of passage. Read the article...
"I have seen the bays of the Faeroe Islands stained red with blood and I've heard the screams of mortally wounded whales pleading for their lives as insensitive brutes drunk on slaughter are showered in the hot blood of the whales, laughing and swearing as their vicious blades rape the whales repeatedly. It is a monstrous spectacle and it is an obscenity fully embraced by the Danish government and many of the Danish people.
When did concern for the environment and the protection of species become "cultural imperialism"? This is a ridiculous accusation from a country whose only claim to fame lately has been to publish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban. Such is the cultural ignorance of the cartoonists that they did not know that Arabs do not wear turbans. Yet Denmark has defended the cartoons and Danes have expressed their belief that Denmark is defending Christian values in the face of Muslim extremism. This smacks more of cultural imperialism than the legitimate concern of European nations to stop the illegal killing of whales. Defending the rights of cartoonists as champions of Christian values while endorsing the illegal slaughter of whales and dolphins displays a warped sense of moral values."

I have not eaten meat in over 5 years for the reasons exposed in Fast Food Nation, Food, INC, and Meet your Meat. I refuse to eat beef, chicken, turkey, but I eat fish. Now I need to re-think my fish intake as well. Im not going to eat ANY seafood unless it is fairly local (alaska, because we cant eat fish off our coast due to heavy pollution). Horrible! This must stop! Im going to cut down on my main protein - tuna and salmon because tuna is already becoming endangered and risks harming other sea mammals and salmon because they are threatned and endangered now as well. MORE GOOD TOFU PLEASE!!!

I can not smile.

Our ocean is not meant to be RED!

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