Wednesday, April 9, 2008


There are baby birds in the bell again!
Every year they come and make their nest in this bell. I get nervous for them bcuz the bell could go off at any time, ahhh. But it never does.
It only takes a few weeks from hearing the first little churps, to seeing their little heads poke out when the mama comes with food, to flying away.
Right now the parent birdies are working very hard, bringing the babies fresh, fuzzy, plump moths, which are in abundance here right now, every 10-15 minutes. Their whole life revolves around these babies right now. Im so in love with birds at the moment, probably because they are everywhere. This tree outside has so many birds of all kinds living in it, and they fly out and dart around chasing moths and bugs through the air. Its really fun to watch.
I dont think its a sparrow, not a wren, hmmm, maybe a wren but they are all brown without the white breast. I have never studied birds and their names before. These are the most common birds here becides pigeons and I should know this, I always just call them nerdbirds. Perhaps I should ask the Echo Park Ornithology Club and find out.

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