Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I went and geeked out at Wizard.

It was my first time.

The R2D2 units were awsome, they were totally interactive. They were waving "Hi" and dancing and bleeping and spraying water at us. There were lots of people dressed up too, there were alot of storm troopers, darth vader, jawa, lea, etc...

I love Star Wars (like everyone else). When I was little my mom had the trilogy on tape, yes tape, and I watched them so many times that I wore out Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi twice!

Legos galore!

Probably the best part...

Meeting David Reddick!

Have I mentioned that I love Garfield?
Honestly, Garfield was the ONLY comic strip I ever read. As a kid I would collect all of the books as they came out and read only the Garfield comic strip in the newspaper. I used to laugh and laugh especially when Garfield would mess with dumb ol Odie. His sarcastic humor is after my own heart.
I never read any others, AND I really hated Heathcliff, I always thought he was a cheap knock off of Garfield (i was wrong) and I didnt find him funny at all.
After learning from Jim Davis, David is now drawing and writing the Garfield comics among many others. He was saying something really great in this pic.

Now I really want to go to Comic-con!

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holymotherofgod said...

I so would have loved that place, with Star Wars and lego things... Glad I stumbled across you. Your links are awesome