Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Magic Castle

I went to the Magic Castle for my friend Meghan's birthday last nite.

I havent been there in years and years. Last time I used to go was with the x cuz he was on one of his wierd random kicks where he would get all into something new for about 10 minutes and then move on to something else. The bummer about that is now I know how alot of tricks work. Um, I mean... its magic!

Upon entering you arrive in the Close-Up Gallery, you must tell the owl in the bookcase the secret password to get into the main castle. Once you walk through the bookcase door, you arrive in room with a beautiful bar and the Grand Staircase leading up to the third floor dining room and everyone inside is dressed so elegant and lovely. Beyond the bar is Invisible Irma's Music room with a piano and bird cage. You can ask her to play ANYTHING and she will. Then you must tip her (in the birdcage) and her bird churps happily. Its a little disneyland-ish, old and dusty and ornate. Especially downstairs in the Inner Circle. There are two vignettes with marionettes. Reminded me of these ones. And there is a small model of the Haunted Mansion ballroom where tiny ghosts materialize, to illustrate the Pepper's Ghost technique. We saw Rocco perform, he was fantastic, even from the front row I couldnt see how he was doing his tricks. He used alot of food items in his act and I got a little gold glitter and lime spray on my bare toes.

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